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Ben Broad

Ben has 10+ years experience in entrepreneurship, entertainment, technology, streaming, VR/AR/MR, mobile-first/vertical video, marketing, and design. He is a growth-focused thought leader fluent in business jargon. His expertise includes business development, partnerships, client relations, strategy, project management, contract negotiations, content, and more. He is a dedicated professional with keen interpersonal, communication, & organizational skills.

Ben led AT&T Diversity through their first VR marketing project: #BeTheGlow Afrofuturism with Young Paris. He spearheaded concept, execution, and physical activation at the BET Experience & Essence Festival.

Ben helped one group's technical product go from industry-baffling to industry-leading in 10 months. He vetted market-need, streamlined messaging & value-proposition, and created a path to scale. Business grew 8X in that time and the product got a patent.

An always learning, value-sharing, sincere, opportunity-uncovering, humble, and above all curious individual. He is a student of human behavior: ask him about his insights into inhibitions and photo booths.
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