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Vaibhav Agrawal

  • @polyvaibhav
  • UI/UX Designer & Frontend Developer
  • Raipur, India
Hey!👋🏻 I'm Vaibhav, Fun fact I am both designer and developer but I am more oriented towards UI/UX designing and Frontend part 😅.

I help startups with solving problem with designs and also develop Websites.

My skills include:

Designing :
Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Xd, Figma ♥

Development :
• Languages: Python, JavaScript
• Frontend: React ♥, Redux, HTML5, CSS3, SASS, Webpack
• Backend: Node.js, Django, Express
• Tools: VSCode, Git & Github, Postman
• Databases: Cloud Firestore, MongoDB, PostgresSQL, SQLite.

Want app/website?
Hit me up, or email me: vaibhavagrawal2907@gmail.com
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Jun 14, 2022
Excited to join LottieFiles as organizer  of Lottie community Raipur.
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Jun 12, 2022
Google I/O Extended Raipur

It was great being part of The core the core team we had done a lot of hard-work in making this event a big hit and we did it. 

Networked with around 100+ folks. 

Thanks to the lead organisers @Kuldeep Pisda & @Shreena Yadav for continuously guiding and mentoring us. 

Kudos to my whole team for great work.
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Jun 09, 2022
On the way to make an amazing app with UI/UX  for a coffeeshop 
Thanks @google team for such an awesome course. 
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Jun 05, 2022
On the way to complete the way to foundations of UX & Strengthen my skills of UI/UX Designing.

3 courses done out of 7 thanks to Team @google for this course on UX design. 

It was a great experience as i got to learn a lot of things that is involved in UX like accessibility, empathy, basis, user centric designs, and many more awesome concepts.

I personally enjoyed when the topic of deceptive patterns in UX design it  , i was so surprised that how companies are tricking user's using UX.
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Jun 05, 2022
It took me almost 4 years to make this happen
Dream Setup now reality 
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May 01, 2022
Excited to join Impulsive web as UI/UX Designer! 🎉
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UI/UX Designer, Impulsive web