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priyanka roy choudhury

Hey Everyone! I am Priyanka, a student residing in Singapore who is passionate about creating user-friendly designs for my users. I am currently open to internships/freelancing/full-time jobs. 
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13 days ago
Smashing with my prep task for Memorisely’s UX/UI Bootcamp. Some of the reasons why I am learning Notion and how it has been beneficial:

  • Notion has good user experience as it is a great tool to create task management and people can even design their own designer portfolio too!
  • Notion has a lot of integrations where users can access and embed any type of file or tool that they want to.
  • When I started using Notion for the first time, it was a breeze in the air! I was immediately blown away by how easy was it to use without referring to references.
  • Notion has a good memorability experience. If I use Notion after a very long time, I know what kind of functionalities it provides.
  • Notion has a clean interface and the interface is understandable to the users.
  • I am using Notion every time I make notes and tasks. Notion has become my favourite go to app!
#memorisely #uxuibootcamp #userexperience #userinterface #notion #uxuibootcamp

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