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Phil Morehead

Finding my passion and niche in product management came to me through an endearing journey with professional stops in software engineering along the way. What intrigues me the most about product management is the continual challenge of delivering the most value to your customers. Identifying and alleviating customer pain points is exhilarating to me.

My experience tells my story of continuously seeking opportunities to grow professionally. Ambition is one of my core personality traits. I bring to the table a relentless passion for solving problems, delivering value, and always going above and beyond to achieve goals, professionally and personally.

Outside of work, I volunteered for the Curbside Concerts project, an initiative that organized local artists to perform to those during the coronavirus pandemic. Primarily engaging with but not limited to vulnerable populations, Curbside Concerts aimed to provide entertainment for those who need to experience a sense of normalcy while simultaneously supporting Columbus' local musicians.

I also consider myself a novice cyclist and always enjoy a good conversation about emerging technology, human psychology, Star Wars, or dogs.
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