Shemmy Majewski
  • @przemmaj
  • Gdansk, Poland
Founder, unrested mind, parkour newbie and people person :) 

  • Data Scientist at CERN
  • CEO of DiabetesLab: creators of the Suguard mobile app, using Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence, and Data Science to help people self-manage diabetes
  • CEO of DLabs.AI: using AI and Machine Learning to help businesses improve workflows and drive efficiencies

For me, data is a gold mine. And I love the challenge of digging for the treasures hidden within. Moreover, as a person with diabetes, I decided to create an AI-based solution — Suguard, which will help people like me. That’s why Data Science and Artificial Intelligence are so close to my heart — and why both my professional and academic backgrounds centre on science and advanced technology.

I write articles, send a newsletter, and advise companies on how to increase efficiency through AI.
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