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Phil Stringfellow

  • @psdesignuk
  • Accessibility focused UI/UX Designer
  • Liverpool, UK
  • He/him

A passionate and driven UI & UX designer, I focus on solving usability problems and making the experience of using apps and websites as easy as possible for all users. This is achieved by creating and using user stories for projects and applying personas to situations to attempt to understand the customer's end needs. I also focus on accessibility in digital, checking my designs against guidelines and testing colours, contrast, and font size regularly.

With a background in print and front-end development, I have a wide range of experience covering digital design. I have had the incredible good fortune to work with many individuals, SMEs, and well-known brands to help understand and solve usability problems, suggest and curate solutions, collaborate with developers, and liaise and take input and feedback from major stakeholders and investors. I am always keen to learn new methods, technologies, and subjects in all design and personal learning areas.

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