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Max Glubochansky

  • @qa_guru
  • QA Guru, Mentor (Manual QA)
  • Miami, FL
• Entrepreneur, Mentor, Connector
• Co-founder, CBO at Careerist (YC S21)
• Our graduates got well-paid jobs in tech in already 700+ companies in 39 states (US)
• 9+ years experience in IT and Software QA (Quality Assurance)

❇ Any course related questions please email 📧 to advisors@careerist.com or 📞 (415)862-2433

🙏 Please visit https://www.careerist.com/

• Manual QA (Software Testing)

🙏 Please watch our first lesson in Manual QA : https://youtu.be/gTDY5kFBmZM  
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