Aug 07, 2021
I took this week as holiday. Mainly I spent it relaxing here in Brighton with my family, but I stole a couple of moments here and there to work on my personal site.

I began it in 2016, right before the current boom in static sites really took off and since it's personal anyway I choose to write my own static site generator in Node.js. I don't write as often as I should, but I do enjoy tweaking the generator and adding features. I added two little ones this week:

  • Photo notes uploaded from my iPhone (shortcuts integrate really nicely) now send the lat and long coordinates, and the generator uses these to determine the timezone (for example, Europe/London) the upload was from and format the date (for example, as BST) accordingly.
  • Pages now have backlinks. I've had webmentions for a while, but backlinks are for linking content from within my site. I want this to encourage me to use the site more as a garden (evergreen posts), or a zettelkasten.