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Brian Ibbotson

  • @quinceleaf
  • Let's build something, together
  • New York City
Interested in development and product management challenges in food service, food tech and supply chain/logistics. 

Always relishing the joy that comes from making people happy by helping to solve their problems so they can get back to their own work. Continuously fascinated by the world and how technology can help make magical outcomes happen (or prevent terrible ones)

  • Former pastry chef
  • Frustrated by poor processes in the industry, I turned to applying operations management, logistics and supply chain principles to food operations
  • Frustrated by inadequate, non-integrating or overly expensive software solutions in this space, I then turned to developing software solutions
  • I've had to work with stakeholders to learn their needs, why their existing solutions were failing them and how they would love a solution to work ...
  • ... and then had to learn how this might be done, architect solutions, then code, build and ship solutions

Looking for work, so if you need help with anything, let me know! Stack using: Python/Django/Flask, Javascript/Node/React/Next.js, and loving discovering more and more of the AWS ecosystem (current 3X certified with 3 more coming in next 3 months)

Currently building a SaaS startup as a stretch side-project to help foodservice manufacturing operations consolidate their entire operations/value stream, from sales through production, purchasing/inventory and delivery
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