Joined an Early Adopter Program
Deployed a Backend System
Captured a Satellite Downlink
It feels extremely surreal to say this, but I just scheduled my first satellite contact via #AWS Ground Station!
Nothing quite feels like "we are living in the future" than the possibility to talk to a hunk of metal with sensors, that is flying in space from within your AWS environment and downloading the images merely an hour later.

Thank you Nik Ansell & Viktor Pankov for this amazing guide and example code (they did all the hard work, I basically just had to copy and paste).

Big shoutout also to the Amazon Web Services (AWS) Ground Station team! :) And thank you Alexa for reminding me as it happened with the words 'beepboopbeep acquisition of signal' ;)

#space #aws #cloud

EDIT: For clarification, the image attached is the Level 2 data output that happily arrived in a S3 bucket after two C5.4xlarge instances processed the initial downlink data.