Rajat Dangi
  • @rajatdangi
  • Co-founder at Blinkstore.in
  • India
Hello, I’m Rajat. Working on growth at Blinkstore. Previously co-founded Hapramp (Lead GoSocial product). My work mostly involves imagining and sketching products, working on growth, researching, ideating, and thinking 0-to-1.

I enjoy brainstorming and building new tech products. I have launched several products under the umbrella byxyz.net (Along with my designer friend).

Big fan of indie music and music in general. I worked on StumbleOnMusic to create a new way of discovering and recommending songs. My playlists: YouTube & Spotify.

I occasionally write on Medium. I like writing letters. If you'd like to do that, try Letterflix to send letters online.

One of my dreams is to own a few apparel brands. That's why I am building two apparel/fashion brands: snaccx and FOMO. Working on Metaverse for Bharat in stealth mode.
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