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Regnard Raquedan

  • @regnard
  • Cloud + DevOps đŸ”¸Solutions Architect đŸ”¸ Azure Certified
  • he/him
  • Toronto
I believe technology can create positive change and social impact.

Throughout my career, I've naturally connected technology with business needs, helping pair the right solution with product, user, and customer demands. 

I keep a positive attitude at the workplace, and am always on the lookout for the next technology to work with. 

I'm a constant learner, and I equally seek opportunities to share what I've learned.

And my most important role:  I'm a husband and father of four girls.


I have 10+ years' experience in Tech, covering Cloud Computing (Azure), System Design & Architecture, DevOps, Product Management, User Experience Design, and Frontend Development

Microsoft Certified:
* DevOps Engineer Expert
* Azure Administrator Associate
* Azure Fundamentals
* Azure AI Fundamentals
* Azure Data Fundamentals
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What Regnard's working on

What Regnard's working on