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  • @renanfranca
  • Software Engineer | Microservices | JHipster | Enjoy ☕🍃☸️🤓🍼
  • Brazil
I enjoy java☕ spring boot🍃 and Kubernetes☸️ to build awesome microservices • I love implementing automated tests😊 • @jhipster lover🤓 • Proud dad 🍼
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May 08, 2022
May 08, 2022

I built a Baby Care web app using JHipster (open source from now on 🥰)


My baby girl Marília was born on December 14th/2021, so I decided to build a web app before she was born to help me to track her sleep hours, favorite nap place, her humor, breastfeeding and more. Her nickname is Mamazinha, so the web app is called Mamazinha Baby Care.

Why did I open source it? 
  • I couldn’t afford the cost to host it and make it free to use. So now everyone can use it by hosting it localhost like I am doing now.😁
  • I want to share a full project built with JHipster that could be a startup product (in my opinion). So I could enhance this post by sharing how JHipster is awesome in a “real” application and not in a hypothetical or sample app.🤓
  • I want to have an experience by knowing what it’s like to make an open source project and see where is going to lead me. ☺️
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Apr 01, 2022
Apr 01, 2022


Space topic: Importance of technical Blogging

That was a very useful space! It is full of tips & tricks for beginners and veterans technical bloggers 😺

I had the opportunity to talk on live with @InHuOfficial who I had been following his blog posts before that twitter spaces!
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Mar 31, 2022
Mar 31, 2022
My cross posted article on hashnode  got the "Featured on daily.dev" badge from daily.dev ✨✨✨✨🙀

I thought every featured article got the badge and the kind daily.dev support explained to me:
The badge is awarded to the most engaging article of the day.
Not every Hashnode article that gets featured gets the badge.

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