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Rimsha Salam

Living the dream one word at a time!
Heart #10yearsold Head #40yearsold

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Keywords | Adjectives | SEOs | Quality

My about me is boring; this Intro shouldn't be,
Word Games | Strategy | Empires | Call of Duty Veteran

So let me be honest, and use a few adjectives to redefine my darker side,
Driver | Challenger | Risk Taker | Isolation Expert

And let me add in what I have done,
Renovate | Recreate | Restructure

And what I strive to accomplish,
Goals | Dreams | Aims & Objectives

Thank you,

And as my father used to say,

Best Regards,

Rimsha Salam Azizi,
Writer | Content Specialist | Tech Consultant
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What Rimsha's working on

What Rimsha's working on