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Rohit Nair

  • @rnair
  • Student @ UMich
  • World Wide Web
I'm a fourth-year data science major at University of Michigan-Dearborn. I often find it hard writing concise introductions since I have a lot of interests and consider myself an autodidact. I love conversations about math, AI & cog sci , economics, philosophy, entrepreneurship, autonomous vehicles, crypto/defi,  & AR/VR. I also used to be really into reading sci-fi & fantasy; now I scroll HackerNews and fill my to-read lists on Pocket.  My current interests are machine learning and scouring Product Hunt for startup inspiration.
In my free time I like listening to audiobooks & podcasts like TWiML, The Knowledge Project, a16z, etc., When I get time, I like reading books on my Kindle (I highly recommend reading The Three-Body Problem if you’re into sci-fi). I also enjoy working out, martial arts, watching basketball & UFC, backpacking & street food, and gaming.
I’m currently on the hunt for internships and full-time positions after graduation in December 2022, broadly interested in SWE, DS, research/ML engineer positions as well as opportunities in VC/PE.
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