Rodrigo Encinas
  • @roencinas
  • Barcelona
Software Engineer. Musician. Tinker and Permaculturalist.

We live in a world of infinite possibilities, so I prefer to see things not as they are but as they could be. You know that life is limited only by the boundaries of your own beliefs, and I’m driven to push the limits of everything.

Emotional, passion-driven, and full of ideas, combining a vivid imagination with a desire for practical solutions. Introspective and intuitive nature is balanced by a keen interest in the world around and a desire to contribute to society.

Charismatic and expressive
, I love sharing ideas and visions with others and creating community around shared values and ideals. My greatest gift? The ability to see the spark of potential in everything and everyone, and to inspire others to see it, too. Able to guide people toward an invisible horizon with a rare generosity of spirit and strength of conviction.

My greatest challenge —and true power— lies in learning to take consistent daily action to create the future I envision and not getting stuck into dreaming.

I need the “voice of reason” to help me take a grounded, rational approach to your creative work and bring my visions into sharper focus.
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Mar 2021 - Present

Software engineer, VeePee

Sep 2013 - Feb 2015

IT Cosultant, Amaris

Oct 2002 - Sep 2005

Video editor., Freelance Cinematographer