Sep 07, 2021
Attended an online bootcamp
Received a Customer Case Study

Introduction of

Introduction exists to save us from the chaos of the digital world. Attending day-to-day zoom calls and being bombarded with countless notifications, humans have become addicted to our gadgets. This can negatively affect productivity. has come up with a revolutionary idea where humans can undergo digital detoxification by staying in a cabin surrounded by nature. Locking the gadgets for a few days and connecting with nature have produced benefits to the mind.

Key challenges

When searching for cabins, users currently filter through a series of dropdowns to find them. It's not clear for users which months are available and, ideally, they'd like more flexibility when searching and booking a cabin.

From a business perspective, making it easier for users to search and book a cabin would increase the number of bookings. From a user perspective, having the flexibility to search and filter for cabins more easily would increase their rate of booking/rebooking an experience.