Saif Abid
  • @saifabid
  • Toronto
  • He/Him
[Currently only open to paid opportunities] 

I’m a hands-on Technical Leader with a focus on People and Product.

I have a very deep interest and experience working with Golang, Distributed Systems, Data Engineering and ML. When I’m not working with teams to figure out what to build next or how to build it, I'm heads down getting services built and shipped to customers using best in class tech for the problems at hand.

Outside of tech a few of my interests include Healthcare, Investing and IoT. Over the years I’ve had the fortunate pleasure of launching successful products and/or businesses in quite a few of these domains. Most recently my team at ecobee launched Haven - ecobee's Home Security solution. Prior to this, in the capacity of a Lead Engineer and CTO I helped co-found and launch SwiftPad to help reduce the wait times and inefficiencies which come with pharmacies.

Overall I’m a strong believer in the saying “Purpose, People, Product, Profit” and have continued to stand by it with the teams and products I help build.
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