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who I am ?

Moussa is a young and ambitious person who is able to play a key role in a constantly growing market such as influencer marketing and digital PR.

I support companies and professionals in their Marketing strategies on various platforms mainly through Social media and digital PR.

What am I doing on Linkedin?
in two words to give value.
as? By solving the concrete problems of my potential customers

đź“Ś What can I do for you


are you later than internet explorer?

Are you looking to grow your brand on TikTok and grow your business among Gen-Z and Millennial audiences? Let me help you

TikTok has gained tremendous popularity globally and currently represents a huge opportunity to quickly grow your business before the platform becomes saturated like it did with Instagram or Facebook.

how can brands use TikTok?

There are three main ways brands can use TikTok.
By creating your own channel and uploading relevant videos.
Working with influencers.
Paying for advertising on TikTok.

With many brands we combine to deliver content to a wider audience.


Influencer marketing isn't just for big brands; it's for every brand. If influencers aren't part of your growth marketing plan, it's time to get on board.

influencer marketing has become a fundamental part of marketing. In fact, it is difficult to find large brands that do not use the influencer figure to promote their products or services.

The surge in Influencer demand is not a fantasy. Influencer marketing is one of the hottest and most effective ways to get your brand in front of a large, targeted audience.

Brand Awareness & positions, Digital Pr

The right message, in the right place, at the right time

Do you have a business but have never done brand positioning?

Whether your company is large or small, the correct positioning of your brand is essential for any type of business: it can go a long way in decreeing its success or failure.
Investing in marketing strategies without first taking care of the correct positioning is equivalent to making a hole in the water.

Get featured in major media for your industry.
Forbes, Inc, Vogue, Elle etc ...

Other services: Podcast, Radio, Tv, Billboard, Verification, Username claim and Unban
 Cover magazine, Top 20/30, Company page and Author.
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