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Sam Mazzotta

  • @sammazzotta
  • SEO Consultant - Web Marketing - Impulve.com
  • Italy
SEO Consultant Specialist and Web Marketing expert 📈 - Founder of Impulve.com - In love with my kids, sifting through SERP and making (eating) ramen 🍜
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What Sam's working on

Apr 22, 2022
🌍 What is Google Discover?

Here for you the complete guide to Google Discover, what is, where you can find it and how it works.

Tell me more in the comments below! ; )
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SEO Consultant Specialist, Impulve
Apr 19, 2022
Every SEO Professional need technical suggestions and tips. In this article, you'll find what you need to better understand and improve Core Web Vitals. 

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SEO Consultant Specialist, Impulve