Sam Panini
  • @sampathpanini

I'm a consultative corporate athlete who knows a lot about building digital and data platforms and I'm really good at leading projects.

I help businesses grow by cross-pollinating ideas and building effective teams that deliver. I know how to focus on what matters: time, attention, and resources where the juice is worth the squeeze.

I'm an American who likes working with people from all over the world, and am fluent in Spanish and Portuguese. I'm good at getting colleagues to work together and executing on the big picture. I have been called an organizational whisperer, with a knack for empathizing with people of varying generations and emotional availability. I can usually find solutions that work for (almost) everyone.

I nerd out on parachuting into new domains, to learn quickly and understand what people want and need. I help reveal the most valuable business cases and align people to execute plans joyfully and ruthlessly. I'm also really good at helping colleagues grow and instituting a learning culture.

If you need someone like me to help make things happen, let's talk!

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Apr 2022 - Present

Global B2B Marketing, Service Design, & Product Strategy, Superversive

Jul 2018 - Apr 2022

Product Manager, Institutional Shareholder Services

Mar 2017 - Jun 2018

Product Manager, American Express

Aug 2014 - Dec 2016

Commercial Data Governance Program Manager, AIG