Apr 13, 2020
Released an Open Source Project
Built UI components
Built a feature
+ 1
I released Chorale, a renderer for Notion pages. I'd been using Notion for a while and wanted a way to use it as a CMS for my blog. Notion's public pages at the time were extremely slow. I did some digging around the Notion app using the Chrome debugger, discovered their public unofficial API, and wrote a simple NextJS app that used the API responses to render everything faster.

I announced the app on the Notion subreddit, where it became the top post of the day. I got more than 100 GitHub stars and met a lot of cool folks on Twitter.

I didn't have time to fully maintain the app / get features released quickly enough. I experienced my first case of having my code stolen when the react-notion folks copied my code without properly attributing me. This ultimately led me to being more critical of open source and keeping more of my projects privately.