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Sarah Musselman

University of Texas at Austin Advertising Graduate and McCombs Post Graduate with an art based degree with coursework geared towards 3D design, drawing, and design softwares.

Store Visual Merchandising Planner, Advertiser, Model, Designer, Etc.

Current Brands Doing Things I'm Following: Humanrace, Spice Beauty Space, GOLFWANG, Spiritual Gangster, Everyday Clothing. Small owned and hand made clothing, @terrancewilliamsdesigns on Instagram is a great Dallas brand. Suunto. The evolution of the Dell Gaming and Alienware merger and growth of Dell Gaming. Small business application growth. The evolution of the Dell line of Inspiron computers for design as well as Microsoft growth with Dell sectors being in the media now.

- Former Division I Athlete and All-American First Team Scholar, First Team SEC Scholar, Presidents List, Deans List and some other honor societies. Avid club joiner.
- Springboard and Platform Diving Safety Advocate, camp counselor, coach and former athlete.
- Two Semester Writing Director of Spark Magazine Texas and University Fashion group member.
- Texas Sweethearts Class Vice President and active member with one semester being in the top percentage of service members to the local community while working and serving.
- Former Customer Representative for specific Berkshire Hathaway Automotive Dealerships sales, service, and parts departments and upwards of 10 other clients over 4 years and some change.
- Former Strategy Intern for Dell Advertising Firms during the Alienware merger and Dell Brand Gaming laptop launch. Working within gaming and small business growth.
- Former Freelance Data Reporter, Designer or Web Developer for Aston Martin NA, master planned communities, small business applications and others
- Fitness Model for Brands Similar to Four Athletics and others.
- Digital Designer @ sarkat.design
I also don't mind waiting tables.
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26 days ago
As I worked into web developing and design as well as technical marcom planning when modeling got unsafe for me as a child, I started working with the brand Olivier Midy. This brand lasts for up to five years and the link below should give you 10% off if you are in that fun point in your career where you are trying new products at home to not become a work-a-holic!

I will try to update any product deals I get for being a female developer, I know they are less giving to the men for trying this role and a lot of men near me like this stuff when I model with it. Sometimes my family does point that out. Usually it is a ten percent or so off deal that I can share, but do not want to get robbed. Now I can just share them in spaces like these safely and not at events <3

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