Sean MacMannis
  • @seanmac

🤖 I recently joined Gitcoin to run marketing after spending the last 12 years working in Web2 product marketing & account management, most recently at Pinterest. 📌
🕸️ I’m passionate about building a better business model for the web, building and supporting openness, transparency and sustainability, and improving global coordination to improve society. 🌎
🚐 I quit my job in 2015 to travel the US in an Airstream with my 1 year old baby and my (now) ex-wife. We hit up 26 states and 13 national parks, became mini-influencers for Union Wine Co and had a reality TV crew film part of our journey 
🧒 I’m a proud dad of two kiddos 5 & 7 and took off most of the last 1.5 years to be with them during COVID. 
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