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Ryan Boris

  • @secantsquared
  • Never stop asking questions ...
  • Hazleton, Pennsylvania (Philadelphia/Scranton metro)

I am a forward-thinking individual with a love of blending and bending the realms between biological science and computer science.

 I currently work for Coursera as a Solutions Engineer.

In this role, I design, implement, debug, and maintain solutions to the edtech-based problems brought to me by my clients and partners, who span both academic and industry sectors.

In addition to my current role, I have approximately 15 years of experience which includes working as an Organic Chemistry researcher and professor, a STEM-focused high school chemistry and biology teacher and Science Department Chair, as well as several years of experience as a software developer and data scientist, which includes both industry experience as well as several years of teaching and tutoring part time for various online-based organizations and bootcamps.

My areas of interest in the technological world involve the creation, execution, implementation, and maintenance of full-stack web application development and data science based solutions for numerous university and industry based partners, with strengths in modern JavaScript, React, Vue, GraphQL, Next.js, Express, Node, Python, R, and technical education.   

I am incredibly fascinated by the study of deep learning, especially in the combinations of neurobiology and neuroanatomy applied to artificial intelligence engineering, artificial neural networks, and machine learning. I'm also a sucker for theoretical algorithms and find myself an aficionado of both big data and algorithmic science. I am a huge advocate for education, and prior to changing careers, spent almost a decade as a science educator, STEM education professional speaker, and teacher development leader. 

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