Jan 10, 2005
Taught a University Course
I had the great privilege of getting to develop and teach a brand-new course in the Liberal Studies department at the Ontario College of Art and Design.

The university had recently become degree-granting and students were required to take a group of non-art-focused courses. I designed a course for a group of students who had varying mathematics backgrounds, but I couldn't count on anything beyond grade 10 math, which had been several years prior for many of them.

I focused the course on the worldview of the physicist, looking at:
  • Thinking mathematically
  • The models we use at different scales of reality
  • What constitutes evidence and how certain we are of various things
  • How interactions of the very small give rise to the observed properties of matterĀ 
  • The philosophical interactions of science with modernity and post-modernity
  • Light, optics, and how images work (from a physical standpoint)
  • Astrophysics, cosmology, and the age of the universe!!!