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Created a GIF library

GIF-ed an entire music video

When John Mayer released the intentionally campy and aesthetically genius music video for his single New Light, it was beginning to be memed. So that's what I did.

Excluding only shots of John singing (given their low reusability), I chopped the entire New Light music video into 29 individual, ready-to-use GIFs. While you can find most of these on Google already, I'm pretty sure I'm the only person who did such a thorough job cataloging and labeling each individual, emotive moment from the video. Someone had to.

These work great for Twitter replies, group chats and any other ~super cool~ spots you hang out at online. "indifferent-turn-and-notice," "noticing-friend-and-waving" and "whip-zoom-and-stare" are a few of my personal favorites. Feel free to download and use as you'd like!