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  • Founder& CEO @Salsh , Game Designer, Writer and Musician
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Sharoon Rom was Born July 28, 1992, is a Pakistani, Musician, Songwriter, Video Game Designer, Author, and Entrepreneur. He has authored two books about Game Development and Design. He is the founder and CEO of the Video Game Development company "Salsh Games". His Music Album is under production.
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I'm open to Volunteering, Writing, Activism and +6.

CEO, Founder

  • Salsh Games
  • Jul 2018 - Present

What Sharoon's working on

What Sharoon's working on


Jan 19, 2022
Jan 19, 2022
Microsoft bought Activision for a whopping $70 Billion, The developer behind Overwatch, Call of Duty, and World of Warcraft, and the market cap is around $50 billion. Booom, that's a lot, a win-win approach.

Congrats to Microsoft, Xbox, and Obviously Activision Blizzard
Jan 13, 2022
Jan 13, 2022
Invested in Relyka's Pre-Seed Round
Proud to be an early investor in tech Startup Relyka, I'm also helping them in their Product Design Process. Join them on their incredible adventure to be an early adopter of their product.

Say hiiiii
Jan 07, 2022
Jan 07, 2022
Read a book
This is what I learned from The Minimalist Entrepreneur by Gumroad creator Sahil Lauingia at the start of the year.

Creating a minimalist business does not imply settling for less than the finest. Instead, it's about building long-term businesses that are willing to take risks for the greater good while also encouraging others to do the same...

Jan 04, 2022
Jan 04, 2022
Before You Invest in Cryptocurrency, You Should Read These Books

1) The Age of Cryptocurrency - Paul Vigna and Michael J. Casey
2) Life After Google - George Gilder
3) Digital Gold - Nathaniel Popper
4) The Bitcoin Standards -  Saifedean
5) Block Chain Revolution -  Don Tapscott and Alex Tapscott

Don't waste your hard-earned money. Instead, learn the technology and invest wisely.
Jan 03, 2022
Jan 03, 2022
If you're afraid of failing your startup, remember once Microsoft launched a video game streaming service called Mixer, They spent $40 million on Shroud and Ninja, arguably the top game streamer on "Twitch." But, the service failed, and Microsoft Mixer partnered with Facebook Gaming.   

If Microsoft's talent were failed to anticipate the future of their product, You're just getting started. Entrepreneurship is a difficult road where failures are inevitable if you choose to be an entrepreneur.
Indie Hustle 
Jan 02, 2022
Jan 02, 2022
Join the game industry not because it is trendy or because you saw an article online about it being a billion-dollar industry. It's a creative profession that requires you to put in a lot of effort to create a game and believe me when I say that success is not assured.

Years of expertise and significant financial investment are necessary to create a game; this is not a get-rich-quick scheme. However, if you love creating art and want to provide value through it, this is the industry for you.
Book: Indie Hustle

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