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Alabi Sherif Abisola

  • @sheftydesign
  • Product Designer | UI Designer | UX Designer | No-Code Developer
  • Remote

I AM A PRODUCT DESIGNER WHO SPECIALIZES IN THE CREATION AND DESIGNING OF WEB AND MOBILE USER INTERFACE & USER EXPERIENCE DESIGNS. MY SKILLS • Dashboard Design • Web Design (UI/UX) • Mobile Design (UI/UX) • Landing page Design • Design Thinking • Wireframing • Prototype • Style & Color guideline creation • High fidelity design creation • Information architecture creation • User - centered design MY DESIGN TOOLS • Figma (expert) • AdobeXD • Adobe Photoshop • Whimsical I'm open to Internship, Entry Level job roles, Freelance, Volunteer, Part-time, Full time and Remote.

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