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Simon Tratnik

I’ve stopped building cool products... that no one wants.

I was once part of a leadership team that aimed to deliver a promising new product. Very shortly, our entire team became misaligned, tension began to escalate, and everything got worse. No one on the team knew where the product was going anymore. In the end, we managed to finally launch it.

Unfortunately, no one wanted it. Our product was dead in the water.Β 

We wasted nearly Β£250k and made 0 revenue.

I was so naive that I thought we could talk our way into a solution WITHOUT ever validating our product idea with real, actual users.

That day, I did learn an extremely valuable lesson...

Creating a profitable product is much more than making something that looks pretty or something you THINK people might want to buy.

In fact, taking that path almost always leads to failure.

Now I VALIDATE PRODUCT IDEAS first - then build them second.

And that’s why I do what I do.

I want to help accelerate your progress for you and your business so you can:

πŸ‘‰ Align your team around the product and your vision
πŸ‘‰ Deliver value to the end-users who are willing to pay for your solution
πŸ‘‰ Focus on new market opportunities to keep your closest competition up at night

Want to work together?

I work with product leaders who lead cross-functional teams and want to create or scale up their products in less time with lower costs for greater profitability. I achieve this by encouraging creative collaboration and empowering my clients to build better products faster before they invest all the time and effort into development.

You can book me for:
β†’ 5-day Design Sprint
β†’ 5-day Product Strategy Sprint
β†’ 3-day Training Sprint

Learn more on our website πŸ‘‰ www.human1.st

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