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Sivvy Williams

  • @sivvy
  • Writer & UX Designer
  • They/Them or She/Her

My name is Sivvy/Sabel.

I'm a writer, artist, & designer.

I also advocate for autism acceptance and want to expand the representation of queer and/or neurodivergent people in the arts & literature.

My design is inspired by a background in Asian Studies (Japanese B.A., paused), Taoism, color theory, psychology, and varied artistic influences.

Web design, and particularly UX, are my specialties. Copywriting is another passion; in addition, I write short- and long-length fiction and poetry. I'm currently working on a short story collection.

Projects include Ad Silva: *Queer Journal of Aesthetics and Eekhoorn Studio

The former is an online art journal (Issue One releasing January 2022 in e-book and print), and the latter is a home for my art.
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