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Sky Davis

(when you're excited to join a new and cool professional network site but instead of pausing to write something new you just copy and paste your bio from LinkedIn...well here we are...)

I'm a Product Design Engineer based in Atlanta with over ten years of experience.

Across my career, I've helped create large scale, tech-forward products and led companies to focus on human-centered design. This includes work with eTrade, Prudential Insurance, Kabbage, Capital Group, PwC, and several other companies.

I also co-founded MoneyCaptain (https://moneycaptainlabs.com/) and QueerHealers (https://www.queerhealers.com/). In my spare time, I enjoy volunteering at mission-driven non-profits like GirlsWhoCode and HarlemGirlsCode, where I strive to redefine what it means to be visible and impactful in tech.
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