Want to collaborate?

Right now, you can get in touch with me for a few things:
Giving resume feedback
Joining company boards
Open Source Contributions
+ more

Sonora Lane

I'm open to
giving resume feedback,
joining company boards,
open source contributions,
participating in user research,
speaking at events,
speaking on podcasts,
beta testing new products,
freelance roles,
advising companies,
partnering on side projects,
content creation,
designing clothing,
giving design crits,
giving design feedback,
speaking on clubhouse,
speaking on twitter spaces,
streaming on twitch,
writing blog posts,
co-founding a company,
giving product reviews,
raising funding,
being a brand ambassador,
brand partnership,
brand strategy consulting,
giving feedback on marketing copy,
social media management,
social takeovers,
giving book recommendations,
giving travel advice,
grabbing a coffee,
joining a book club,
joining discords,
joining parent groups,
wedding planning,
artist management,
beat submissions,
being an extra in a film or show,
giving music feedback,
melody loop submissions,
talent scouting,
going hiking,
playing games,
playing video games,
practicing a new language,
practicing spanish,
becoming a vc scout,
business partnerships,
career coaching,
coaching founders,
fractional executive roles,
full time roles,
fundraising for non-profits,
giving feedback,
giving product feedback,
having a dinner party,
joining a community,
just chatting,
live streaming,
making introductions,
new business leads,
new client inquiries,
part time roles,
peer editing,
playing tabletop games,
practicing yoga,
student projects,
study sessions,
talking to journalists,
and tiktok collaborations.