Started 4 months ago
Formulating a fresh new take on audio production! Using a Digital Audio Workstation (DAW) as a sound loop "server" for live instrument looping and performance, recording songs in real-time with real-time* processing thanks to Apple's M1 Mac and Thunderbolt 3/USB 4 audio interface Universal Audio Apollo. 

**not officially real-time computing kernels, but it would be grand if Ableton Live supported Linux and if soundcard driver support on Linux was more robust. In this instance "real-time" is referring to the near-imperceptible latency of audio processing allowed by Thunderbolt 3/USB 4 speeds of 40Gb/s and paired with the incredibly powerful and energy efficient M1 Apple Silicon.

I'm incredibly excited to leverage this technology to create entire songs on the spot with various instruments in a live setting. I'm not inventing this performance style, only borrowing bits and pieces from artists I enjoy and believe to be next-level. A few of these artistic influences I've been studying in-depth:

Mark Rebillet
Elise Trouw