Steve Francia

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Hello! I’m Steve Francia (@spf13), a product minded, developer advocating, software engineering executive from NYC responsible for bringing MongoDB, Docker and The Go Language from obscurity to mainstream. 

I’m currently the product & strategy lead for the Go Programming Language at Google

Previously I held executive roles at Docker, MongoDB leading engineering, product, developer relations, operations, technical writing, and open source. I was a board member of The Drupal Association. I’ve been an executive advisor to CoreOS (acq by RedHat), Broadway Video, Onboard Informatics, and Rhone

I’ve spent the majority of my life working with and around open source, along the way I created Hugo, Cobra, Viper, spf13-vim and many other projects as well as contributing to dozens more. 

I’ve spoken at dozens of conferences, giving keynotes, talks and workshops. I’ve authored books and organized several conferences, hackathons, and events. 

I like photography, travel, skateboarding, punk rock, and dystopian films. 

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