Submitted 5 PR and completing Hacktoberfest 2022 🚀
Completed a Olympic Triathlon!
Participated in a panel discussion at the Adevinta Ignite awards ✨
Spoke to Alex Booker on the Scrimba podcast about my journey moving from marketing to tech. https://scrimba.com/podcast/stefi-reached-out-3-times-and-when-they-finally-interviewed-her-she-got-the-job/
Writing featured in Stack Overflow's #92 newsletter. https://stackoverflow.blog/2021/09/24/the-overflow-92-mapping-the-path-from-engineer-to-manager/ https://dev.to/stefirosca/7-useful-vs-code-exte...
Wrote an article about my journey into tech. https://stefirosca.netlify.app/blog/my-journey-into-tech/
Excited to share I've created a new portfolio page and tech blog which I deployed with Netlify. I did this to keep my personal/travel blog separate from my tech articles. https://stefirosca.netlify...
🍕 I've put together a detailed list of free coding resources that I've used on my journey to tech including a few communities I'm part of and highly recommend joining. https://dev.to/stefirosca/5-f...
🚀 This is my first time participating in Hacktoberfest and it has been a lot of fun so far! I always wanted to make an open-source contribution but it felt quite intimidating. My PRs were for SUI C...
Wrote my first blog post 7 Useful VS Code extension for junior web developers 🎉 on dev[dot]to
Spoke on the Anybodycancode podcast: https://open.spotify.com/episode/5dt9s9VbNHjrr3baSgH6ia?si=47e58af21adc47b7&nd=1
🚰 Raised $1700 for a community in India through charity:water. I've achieved this by creating the campaign for my 25th birthday including video, direct e-mail, and social media promotion.
Finally started to work on my blog. Haven't posted too much yet but got it out there. YAY! 🎉
Currently building an app to help connect skiers/snowboarders with each other so they can go ski/snowboard together ⛷🏂 https://github.com/stefi23/ski-with-me
✨ Started building my portfolio website to highlight some of the projects I've been working on and also got a domain for it. https://stefi.codes
🎤 I've spoken at QueerJS in Paris about the importance of community when transitioning to tech.
🛫 Moved to Barcelona 🔆
🐙 Never graduated from the Recurse Center Attended a 3 months batch at RC as I wanted to get dramatically better at programming.
🎤 I've spoken about the value of writing tests and how this made me a better programmer and helped me improve my code. Although at first, I was not into testing at all. Talk: Testing -never, never ...