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I've been adding Chapters to The Python Coding Book which is now nearly complete
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Published Chapter 9 of The Python Coding Book about Dealing With Dates and Times in Python
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When we learn a new topic, it becomes an "acquaintance" of ours. It's only when it becomes our "best friend" that we can truly say we've mastered the topic.

In this standalone Chapter of The Python Coding Book, I describe the mental picture or story I use to look "behind the scenes" of a computer program.

This chapter introduces Monty and The White Room analogy
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The next chapter of The Python Coding Book is now live.
Chapter 8: Numerical Python for Quantitative Applications Using NumPy

The aim of the Chapter is to introduce the module, show why it's needed, and show how it can be used with real-world data and examples.
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Started publishing my first Python coding book at
Most of the text existed as detailed notes for several years but I'm now in the process of revising this thoroughly to make them into a book.
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