Nargis Suborna
  • @suborna
  • Software Designer/Developer
  • Turin, Italy
  • She/her
After completing my master's in Haematology & Transfusion Science, I wanted to change fields and work on technological products. I learned the ins and outs of UIs and UX, then designed and launched two products to the Google Play and App Store. As I was getting better with the design process, I wanted to go a step further and take projects from just an idea to a polished and good looking product. Therefore, I started to learn coding with modern web technologies such as JavaScript & React.js

Combining my two passions, I want to enrich the lives of your users in my endless pursuit to design and build the best possible user experiences.

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May 2020 - Present

Software Developer, CommunityBrands

May 2021 - Present

Product Designer, Fyon s.r.l