Sunayana Ghosh

 Curiosity is nature's built-in exploration bonus, that is my firm belief. I appreciate learning from others and continuously examine my own assumptions, opinions and convictions.

Currently I am working as a Scientifc Software Engineer with Cervest. 

In my free time I volunteer as a Data Scientist with Solve for Good and World Resources Institute to expand my knowledge in the fields of machine learning and computer vision.

My expertise lies in the areas of:
• Computational Geometry and Geometry Processing
• Computer Aided Geometric Design
• Software Development in C++ and Python

I have applied my analytical skills in several R&D projects in industry as well as academia to:
• 3D point cloud and image processing algorithms for Intel RealSense D400 cameras to build software for surgery planning and navigation.
• Collision detection algorithms in tool path planning for medical device manufacturing.
• Algorithms for approximation of scanned anatomical parts with NURBS surfaces to aid design of medical devices.
• Surface stitching and flattening algorithms to design fair ship hulls and 
• Geo-Spatial Computing.

I enjoy working in interdisciplinary environments and firmly believe that applied math and computing can be powerful tools to drive innovation for social good and have a high impact.

Values: Respect, Empathy, Equality and Diversity of Thought 
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