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Jerry Sunfish

Hello, my name is Igor Shuvaev or Jerry Sunfish

I am Marketing Enthusiast with experience in creating and implementing successful strategies for startups all over the world (from USA to India and CIS).

I am Proud to Co-Found the Future of Arts Marketplace
simply The Largest Arts Community in the World:

Would love to connect with ambitious and interesting people in different spheres all over the world.
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14 days ago
Join GALLERY.ONLINE — Arts Marketplace & Community

— Become a Creator on a Platform, where Your Art Matters
— Explore all Kinds of Art (Physical & Digital)
— Support Your Favourite Artists
— Fundraise for Your Art Projects
— Reach, Collaborate and Message with Your Favourite Creators
— Invest in Art
— Or Lease $10.000+ Paintings and Art Objects for just $100 / mo.

Find, Build and Empower Your Community in Arts

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