Suzanne Daniels
  • @suzannedaniels
  • DevRel | Community | Platform Engineering | Open Source
  • The Netherlands
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Hiya 🙋‍♀️! I'm Suzanne and my passion is finding ways to help developers and engineers get the tools and skills to do what they do best: creating the software this world runs on while trying to innovate and make sense of buzzwords at the same time.

I've organized events like Virtual Azure Community Day,  FTWConf,, hackathons and hands-on workshops. I’m a speaker on technical topics or more in general on developer effectiveness, transformation & innovation. Rumor has it I love hosting events, too.

Being ✨proudly nerdy✨. I have a background as developer and worked many years in dev infrastructure, DevOps, automation & open source.

Just say "Hi 👋🏻!" If you see value in collaboration, need a speaker, or want to chat about tech or DevRel! 
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