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Tabs Fakier

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I'm Tabs! Developer, designer, and self-starter. I do lots of things:

  • Streaming on Twitch. I stream all of my side projects and sometimes my work.
  • Side projects galore. Major one is Grid.
  • Mentoring (local/online communities and at Innovation ACT).
  • Freelancing & working part-time as a dev and designer.

Side projects
  • Grid: chat-based community management software.
  • Of Course (name TBD): courseware supporting evidence-based education.
  • Cyberpunk TTRPG app: player assistant for quicker playing and custom mapping.

Managing communities
  • Artifex ANU: a local community for creatives and tech people. I mentor students and freelancers.
  • Atlantis: an interidisciplinary Twitch/Twitter community, similar to the above except more web dev, entrepreneurship, and coworking. 
  • The Dragonfly Effect [Phi]: A video game community I've been running for 13 years.
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What Tabs's working on