Taewoong Seo

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Product Manager

  • Business Canvas
  • Oct 2021 - Present


Nov 22, 2021
Nov 22, 2021
Created a User Story
Launched a Product Feature
Released Typed templates to kickstart our Typers' writing experience! The templates are currently available in Korean only, but we'll be building more templates and make it available in English soon. 

So excited to see how our templates will add value to all knowledge workers when drafting their written work, whether it be a PRD, business plan, IR deck, or cover letter.

Oct 20, 2021
Oct 20, 2021
Started a new role at Business Canvas
Excited to join Business Canvas as Product Manager! 🎉 Going to be building Typed, a writing workspace with a context-driven knowledge network.
Product Manager, Business Canvas
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