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Tahmina Khanam (Luna)

VR Enthusiast!! Crazy about painting and animating with VR apps like Tilt Brush, Gravity Sketch, Masterpiece Studio and Quill 2.0. Currently a student of tryuniverse.com. Aspire to become a great world builder or a VR dev. Want to create, learn and help others along the way! 

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Feb 14, 2022
Feb 14, 2022

Making my own constellations in VR


This video is a part of a VR App I'm making with Tilt brush and Unity. It is also one of my submissions for the Universe (tryuniverse.com) courses. Hope you will look forward to it's demo coming soon! ✨
#TiltBrush #Unity3d #VrApp
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Jan 18, 2022
Jan 18, 2022
Excited to share some of the highlights of my VR painting submissions to the 'Year of VR Art 2021' challenge. Apps that I've used throughout the year 2021 were Tilt Brush, Oculus Quill 2.0, Masterpiece Studio pro, Gravity Sketch and Deep dream generator. Also shout out to The Sabby Life, the VR Art Live team members and the VR Artists community for spreading the love for vr art all over the world ! 🙌💖

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