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🗻 My subjects: access to work / skills / knowledge, training / coaching and innovation.

"Between us, doing business and creating products is seen as an obscure science mastered by a handful of gurus and other big-brained nerds.

The casual solution is to hire people and tel theme : do that and learn by yourself to do it.

But to learn by yourself today, it is easy to be drowned in the astronomical amount of content, methods and tools to mastered, and handle the complexity of our new job.

And having a difficulty to learn in a company result in a huge ratio of turnover.

We have all these issues as a founder/manager:
- build a team of motivated peoples
- train it to increase her skills.
- working in a good direction.
- keep people in the team

But today we have the tools and knowledge necessarily to put order and pragmatism in the complexity of entrepreneurship and product management.

To talk about it, contact me 💌"

🏃‍♂️ My nindo: participate in collective intelligence and empowerment with optimism, pragmatism and sincerity.

👊 My weapons: continue learning, coaching / mentoring, mutual aid.
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