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Matteo Tarantino

I'm an Innovator. I'm an entrepreneur. I'm a Trainer. In a word: I'm a multi-potentialite.

My boundless love for everything with an engine has always led me to follow the industry, to inform myself, to study the evolutions. 
It led me to get to know many people in the industry but also to talk at industry events. 

In 2019, during a trip I met those who combine these two activities in one job: the guys from Garage. From the beginning we started a wonderful collaboration that lasts until today.

Evolution in automotive. What is the radical innovation that in recent years has revolutionized the way we move? Electric mobility. And that’s why I decided to become his evangelizer.

But not only. For years I have been working in contact with various companies. 
Among the many, a great feature is common to all: the very little attention to sustainability in work operations.

I decided to share my impressions, the things I saw not working, the good examples that are already around. 

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