Tayllor Lloyd

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  • A Tech Obsessed Biz Coach + Strategist
  • Austin, Texas
Hi, friends!!

Tayllor here, I'm a Biz Coach + Strategist! I help service providers establish a presence online and create a scalable and successful business through systems and social media! I'm also obsessed with anything tech/code-related! So between Technology and Entrepreneurship, I should pretty much have you covered! 
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Business Coach and Strategist

  • Tayllor Lloyd LLC
  • Oct 2020 - Present


Sep 23, 2021
Sep 23, 2021
Posted a Reel
sharing a little Entrepreneur humor via reels :) 

Let me know if you can relate! 

Sep 15, 2021
Sep 15, 2021
Brand Partnership
Celebrated a Birthday
Celebrated my birthday by partnering with @yasso on their new birthday cake flavored greek yogurt pops. I love partnering with brands i use organically!  


Aug 24, 2021
Aug 24, 2021
Got a car
Bought a car
Bought my dream car! Having a background in technology, I've been obsessed with Teslas for years! So finally being able to purchase my won was a huge compliment! I usually go by #TechBae / #CoderBae so you can probably understand why this was such a big deal for me! 


Jul 30, 2021
Jul 30, 2021
Built brand partnership
Became a partner for inclusivity
I got the opportunity to partner with @LogitecC for  #Creators4BIPOC which creates a more inclusive world working to address racial inequality and amplifying underrepresented voices. I'm so happy to have been a part of something powerful and to have been able to bring awareness to my community.


Mar 30, 2021
Mar 30, 2021
Partnered with Team Treehouse
Brand Partnership
Partnered with @TeamTreehouse to share some of the best languages to learn in 2021 as a beginner. 

Feb 22, 2021
Feb 22, 2021
Partnered with Logitech
Built a Slack community
Landed my first partnership with @Logitech for my #30DaysOfCode. I wanted to encourage women like me to dive into learning code so I started a slack channel together so we could keep each other accountable! 

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