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Terry Nguyen

  • @terrehbyte
  • Game Programmer and Educator
  • he/him
  • Seattle, WA, USA
Works on Unity (and some Unreal) games, C++/C# things, and anything else with cool anime aesthetics. ✨
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Mar 10, 2022
Mar 10, 2022

Show-Off: PBT Notion v2 by biip

I was asked to share some footage of some keycaps I bought, so a video was made to do exactly that!

This is my first edited TikTok video that took some time (and learning of the tools) to create.
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Mar 08, 2022
Mar 08, 2022

Forked monkeyWzr/hugo-theme-cactus

A personal fork of a port of the Cactus (originally a Hexo theme by probberechts) was created to style terrehbyte.com based on my needs.

This added the following:
  • Fixed spacing between paragraphs
  • Changed the body text font to Inter
  • Added header anchors for easy linkage
  • Customized color selection via custom palette
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Nov 01, 2021
Nov 01, 2021

Released a game demo of ???

The public release for this project was released with fixes based on feedback from testing provided by paid supporters and internal testers.
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Principal Programmer, Unannounced studio
Jul 07, 2021
Jul 07, 2021

AIE Production Showcases - Seattle Campus

To build a better sense of community (and preserve the quality of the work from our budding Game Artists), I began using YouTube Live to bring student production updates in 1080p60fps quality to the entire school.

Building off of this, we were able to invite professionals from the games industry to see what our students were capable of.

The same process was later used to host the graduation ceremony for that very same class.

This date marks the last production livestream for the graduating Class of 2021.
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Game Programming Instructor, Academy of Interactive Entertainment
May 20, 2021
May 20, 2021

Migrated terrehbyte.com from Jekyll to Hugo

I was getting tired of setting up Ruby on Windows as well as the abysmally long rebuild times, so it was time to move on.

Of all the new static-site generators that had cropped up since, Hugo seemed like the best fit since it didn't ask you to learn a new language (despite being powered by Go) and was readily usable on Windows.
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Aug 27, 2020
Aug 27, 2020

Defender of Seattle

I contributed additional programming to Defender of Seattle, a VR action game created for Make-a-Wish AK/WA, a collaboration between AIE Seattle and Virtual Worlds Society.

My work was focused on porting the VR experience to the Valve Index and polishing the gameplay experience with respect to feedback.

I also coordinated logistics and testing of the VR game leading up to the event for the day the wish was granted to the recipient.
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