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Firas Safa

Hi 👋🏼

I've been coding since 2015 when I took my C course during my B.S in Telecommunications Engineering and fell in love ever since. I got my first job as an IT consultant a few month before graduating and did my M.S. in Software Engineering while I was working full time as a Mobile Engineer.

I'm in love with simplicity and minimalism be it in life or when designing a product.

I'm currently a Senior iOS Engineer at TrueLayer and sometime I like to write on my blog.

I'm a big fan of red meat 🥩, craft beer, tequila and whiskey 🥃🍺.

I love stand up comedy and super dark humor 🖤. I miss when we did not have to be politically correct.

Bojack Horseman is my spirit animal 🐴

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