Managed an Artist
Negotiated a deal
Signed a new agreement
When I first moved to Singapore, there was a point where I was managing nine or ten artists at the same time. While it looked good on paper, I didn't have the resources or time to properly dedicate my attention towards growing all of the projects. I realised that it was time to downsize, and I did just that - telling myself that I'd only work with artists who I knew were going to make it, and that I was personally excited about. 

lullaboy is all that and more. 

Bernard is a naturally talented singer and songwriter, he also possesses the dedication and work ethic to constantly hone his craft. He knows his market, and what he needs to do in order to engage his audience. When we started working together last year, he was already well on his way to becoming one of the region's most valuable independent English pop artists. We ended 2021 at over 1.7 million monthly listeners - no small feat for a project that was creatively driven by himself, with assistance from Jeph and myself. 

After having to keep the news to myself for a while, I'm proud to say that we've finally found a home for lullaboy's upcoming releases for the foreseeable future with RedRecords, a groundbreaking joint venture brought to life by Universal Music Group and AirAsia.

It's taken probably over a hundred calls (many of them with our legal counsel Sam Padbidri - who is an amazing friend, and even better lawyer), but we're finally here. The commitment, initiative, and plans that RedRecords and the global UMG team showed us throughout the process of getting this deal done convinced us that this was the right next step to take for the project. We're looking forward to bringing lullaboy's music to new audiences globally, and can't wait to get started with our new team and partners.

ps. we're looking for a booking agent to come onboard the team and help us with growing our live business (so if anyone has any leads feel free to hmu)